Nathan was tired, he had had a busy day at work and he
wanted a long rest. He sighed as he turned off the engine of his car and the music
from Sinach which was playing in his car stereo. He opened the door and stepped
out, making sure that he picked up his laptop from the back of his car.
“Hey honey…” A female voice greeted and he smiled.
It was Vicky, his wife of one year, she smiled at him as she
walked over to him and hugged him tight.

“How was your day, love?”
“Hectic…as usual.” He smiled as he kissed her lips.
“You don’t look stressed one bit.” She smiled as she took his
laptop bag from him.
“Really? I don’t?” He teased.
“Yup!” She smiled.
He sighed and snaked his hand around her waist as they
walked towards their downstairs apartment.
“Did you go for service today?” He asked.
“I was so tired when I got back from work but I called the
pastor’s wife and told her I won’t be able to make it.” She said.
“You know we must try so hard to grow in the spirit as a
young couple.” He said.
“Of course I know that…” She said as she opened the door
to their flat and they both stepped into their intimately furnished two bedroom
apartment. “But my students at the school drained me today. Can you believe how
smart seven year olds are? My gosh!” She said as she spoke of her job as a
teacher at a private primary school which not too far from their house.
Nathan collapsed on the sofa tiredly and placed his legs on
the center table.
“Bring down your legs joor…that’s a center table and not a
footmat!” Vicky said, pushing his legs off the table.
“You’re funny ooo…instead of you to rejoice that my feet
graced the center table…you’re talking trash abi…” He laughed.
His wife took a sofa pillow and threw it at him, he was
about to toss it back when they heard a scream.
Nathan and his wife exchanged glances and paused.
“Fire! Help! Fire!” The voice shouted again.
Nathan and Vicky ran out of their flat and rushed outside. They
looked upstairs to see a young lady screaming loud for all to hear.
“Quick honey, turn off the meters now!” Nathaniel said to
his wife as he raced towards the staircase.
“Be careful my darling…” His wife called out to him as she
raced over to the back of the house to turn off the meters.
Nathan took the stairs two steps at a time and banged at the
door to his neighbour’s house.
“Help! Fire!” The voice called out again.
Nathan banged at the door and tried turning the lock to see
if it will open and it did. He pushed open the door to the house and saw smoke
in the sitting room although he saw no fire.
“Who’s here…get out of here now!” He screamed.
A young lady rushed out from inside the house, choking on
smoke, in her arms was a young baby boy of about two years old, he was their
neighbour’s son.
“The kitchen! The curtain in the kitchen!” She screamed,
coughing loudly.
Other neighbours came out of their apartment and with their
help, Nathaniel was able to douse the fire in the kitchen which had fortunately
licked up only the curtains at the kitchen window.
“What happened in there? How did that fire start?” A
neighbour asked as soon as everyone was downstairs.
“I dey cook…I dey cook when…” The young lady with the
child started when the gate opened and a car drove hastily into the compound.
“Her madam has arrived…” Another neighbour said.
The car stopped abruptly at the center of the compound and a
woman jumped out of the car. She screamed at the young lady and dragged her
child out of her hands.
“Peace! What have I done to you ehn? Do you want to kill my
child? Do you want to ruin my home?” The woman shouted.
“Madam abeg! Na stew I dey fry ma…na stew ooo…na im the
oil catch fire…I come thruway de oil for sink and e come catch kitchen
curtain.” The lady said falling to her knees in tears.
“Calm down Mrs. Jibunoh, you should be thankful that your
child and maid are alright.” Vicky said.
“Thank you very much my dear neighbours and thank you for
calling me. I am so glad that my husband is not in town or I’ll have had a lot
of explanations to make.” She said in gratitude.
“I went into your house and I can safely say that it’s only
your kitchen that suffered a bit….thankfully, your gas was at the balcony so
the fire didn’t aggravate any further.” Nathan said.
“Thank you so much…” Mrs. Jibunoh said again. “I am so
lucky to have good neighbours.”
Soon, the neighbours retired to their flats while Mrs.
Jibunoh went upstairs to her flat with her son. Nathan and Vicky went into
their flat, relieved that the fire hadn’t been as bad as they initially thought
it was.
An hour later, Nathaniel was done with his dinner and
readying himself for bed.
“Babe…did you close the doors?” His wife asked.
“Lemme check….I think I did.” He said as he walked over to
the door to check if it was properly locked.
His wife was right to have reminded him as he hadn’t locked
the front door. He took out the keys and opened the door to latch the burglary
proof when he saw a female form lying on the floor of his balcony. He was startled.
“Who are you? What are you doing at my balcony?” He asked in
The person at his balcony sat up and stared at him.
“Sir…good evening…it’s me…it’s Peace.” She said.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. So the husband one won, guess I have to give in, but I hoped we would go in a diffferent direction from family issues. Lemme sha enjoy the ride as anything thing from Ada is great.
    But next one should be crime o, looking forward to a Nigerian CSI series.


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