Hey Dears,

How’s the weekend? Hope great! I should’ve ended the Husband Series today but I’m moving it till tomorrow. Please bear with me.

So, while we wait for the end of the story, how do we think it’ll end?

Would Vicky move on with her life and divorce Nathan? Should Chima be arrested for mistakenly killing Princess? What steps should Jo take as regards her marriage? What of David? Do you think that Nnenna should give him another chance?

Lemme hear your thoughts.

I wish you all a fantastic week ahead!


  1. Vicky should take Nathan back because it was a one time mistake and he is truly sorry, though I don't know if she will ever be able to trust him again. Chima should be arrested. Mistake or not he killed someone and tried to pin it on someone else. For me that's even worse than what he initially did. David has serious anger issues which needs to be resolved before his wife thinks of getting back with him.

  2. Awww y na, its ending so soon. Anyway I think everybody should be given a second chance, at least they have learnt their lessons now. Great work, Ada. Have been following the husband series bumper to bumper

  3. Well vicky should be a understanding wife to save her marriage, she is not pregnant yet. Chima's case is critical o, maybe the judge will give him a light sentence. I wish nnenna should give dave a second chance cause he's a change ma. Jo still love her husband and he can stil change and makes things right

  4. Vicky should please forgive Nathan. He has truly regretted. I hope they are able to save their marriage and blessed with a baby.
    Chima the man, prison for involuntary manslaughter. Poor Jo. I don't know what she will do.
    As for David, hmm. If he has gone for his anger management course, then maybe. I am even scared of him.

  5. In Jo's case, what could she have done differently?? nothing. Chima covered his acts too well for her to suspect. For Vicky, she needs to open her eyes and learn to discern her husband's worries and happiness.. She is at fault here and was too silly. For Dave, na long thing ooo but it appears that he is learning from his experience and that of his friends.


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