David sat at the waiting room of the hospital and was
instantly reminded of the long wait he’d endured a year ago when his wife had
his daughter. Life was so sweet back then and he was happier, now, he was a
sadder version of himself he thought. He was still waiting when his phone rang
and Chima’s number displayed on the phone screen.
“Hello, David…is she okay?” A
concerned Chima asked.      
“It took you so long to call, man.” David said quickly.
“I’m sorry…I was changing hotels.”
“You mean you’re not in the hotel where we spent the night?”

“No…I had to leave.”
“Will you keep running? My advice is that you turn yourself
in…your wife already knows the truth of your affair, it’ll will better to
face the full consequences of your actions.”
“I can’t go to jail…I can’t…”
David heaved a heavy sigh.
“Well, I wish I could offer another solution but running
from hotel to hotel will only wear you out. Turn yourself in and tell your own
side of the story…” David said.
“I’ll still go to jail and I can’t risk it all…I can’t.”
Chima said. “Please tell me, how’s Jo?”
“I really don’t know but the doctor….is coming out now…”
David said watching the doctor walk up to him.
“Good morning sir, my name is Doctor Gbenga, are you the patient’s
husband?” He asked.
David held the phone away from his ear and regarded the
“No, I’m a friend of her husband.” He said. “How’s she?”
“She’s not doing too well but she’s stable.” He said.
“What of the baby?” David asked.
‘I’m sorry but the child was still born.”
Chima overheard the words of the doctor over the phone and
began to weep.
“I’m so sorry…” The doctor said.
“Thank you doctor, I’m sure you did all you could.” David
“Yes, we did…she was in a critical condition when she came
in so we had to do an emergency operation to take the child out. It’s a pity
that the child didn’t survive.” The doctor said and left.
David put the phone to his ear again.
“Chima…are you there?” He asked.
“I heard it all! My wife! My child…oh life has dealt severely
with me.” Chima cried.
“Be calm please…be calm…” David said soothingly.
“How can I be? I destroyed my family with my own hands. If I
had not taken a mistress, I’d never have known Princess and she’d not have died
and now, my wife and I would be holding a healthy and alive baby in our arms.”
He cried.
David sighed.
“The price was too much to bear. Is this what I have to pay
for cheating? Is this what I have to pay? It’s so huge in comparism to what
I’ve done.” Chima cried.
“It’s okay Chima…it’s okay…” David said calmly.
A team of policemen walked into the hospital and spoke to
the nurses at the station and soon walked up to David.
“Good morning, we are police officers from the Nigerian
police. We were at Mr. Chima’s house a little while ago and heard that his wife
was rushed to the hospital. We are investigating the death of Miss Princess
Osezuwa.” One of the police officers said.
David swallowed, he didn’t know what to say. The phone was
still at his ear.
“Errm…I’m a friend of the family.” David said.,
“Would you be kind enough to give us information as to where
Mr. Chima may be?” The police officer asked.
David opened his mouth to lie in order to cover up for Chima
but Chima’s voice floated down the line at him.
“Tell them that I’ll come to meet them.” Chima said
“Are you sure of this?” David spoke into the phone.
“I can’t keep running forever! I’ve lost it all…” Chima
“He’ll be here soon.” David croaked to the police men.
“I’ll come and say goodbye to my wife and go with the
police.” Chima informed.
“Are you speaking with him over
the phone?” Another policeman asked.             
David nodded, the police officers walked over to the chairs
at the clinic to take their seats and wait for Chima.
Nathan was surprised to see his neighbour, Mrs. Franka
waiting for him outside the police station. He had spent barely four hours in
there but it felt like four long years.
“Mr Nathan…” She said not knowing whether to smile or keep
a grim expression.
“What do you want?” Nathan spat.
“I’m sorry…we made investigations and found out that the
maid was lying. I’m sorry for jumping into hasty conclusions.” She said.
“Thank you for ruining my morning. Please get out of my way.”
Nathan started.
“I am sorry…” Mrs. Franka started.
A taxi drove into the police station and Vicky alighted,
Nathan was so glad to see her. Vicky stepped out of the cab and stared at her
husband for a while before stepping forward.
“I came as soon as I heard…” She said. “David told me…”
“Baby, I’m sorry and I promise to tell you everything that
happened. It’s not what you think please…” Nathan begged.
“Spare me the rubbish Nathan. I only came at David’s
request…” Vicky said dispassionately.
“No, that’s not true…you came because you love me …”
“You betrayed that love…” Vicky informed.
“Please let me say something.” Mrs. Franka said. “I was the
one who reported your husband to the police because Peace came to my flat last
night crying that she’d been raped and was pregnant for your husband. We took
her to the office and there, she broke under serious interrogation and spoke
the truth.” She said and turning to Vicky, she started. “Peace told us how you
took her in and I can remember that day vividly because we live in the same
compound and I knew that she almost burned down her employer’s flat. She told
us something very important and I think you should know. She said she’s set her
sight on Nathan since she came to work for her first employers, she said she
loved the way he cared for you and the way he took his role as a husband
seriously. Peace told us that she had plotted for ways to get him to notice her
to no avail till luck shone on her and she found her way into your home. She
seduced your husband Vicky, and even though he fell, she did the seducing. She
said that the first time she seduced him was on the night of your first big
fight since she started living with you guys and she told us how Mr Nathan didn’t
want you living with them as he didn’t like her.”
Vicky looked at Mrs Frank and said.
“What do you want me to say? That I’ll have him back? He got
her pregnant remember? What of the baby she’s having?”
“There’s no baby, we ran a test and it was all a lie.” Mrs.
Franka said. “Even if she was pregnant, it wouldn’t have been for your husband
because of the time that they…they…well, never mind. I just want you to
know the truth and also to make this serve as a warning to you for the future when
feel it necessary to bring a stranger into your home to work for you. Please
discuss your intentions with your husband and make sure he approves before you
open the door and let the person in.” She said.
Nathan was grateful that Mrs. Franka gave his wife the
breakdown of all that had happened.
“Thank you for this…” Nathan said to the woman.
“I have to go now, once again, I apologize Mr. Nathan for
the misunderstanding, it will never happen again.” Mrs Franka said and walked
Nathan stared at Vicky and said.
“I know I hurt you, I know I erred but could you please find
it in your heart to forgive me?” He asked.
“I have one question Nathan.” Vicky said. “If the reverse
had been the case and I was the one who’d had sex with a male help, will you
forgive me?” She asked.
Nathan didn’t respond, he stared at her not knowing what to
“I guessed…” She said and turning on her heel, she walked
To be continued on Monday…..
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